The Best Sport For Your Child This Winter

Lying Boy In Sports Hall

Being a father of two young kids, I am active in thinking about the best activities for my children that will not only develop their physical skills but will also contribute to their confidence and overall well-being.

I might be biased, but I believe there is a standout winner of an activity that helps not only your child’s physical development but also their mental and emotional and even spiritual development.

Sure your kid can enrol in tennis or soccer and get a good dose of physical activity – but we want more for them than just being physical right?

What if I was to tell you that there is one activity for kids that explicitly works on not only their physical development , but other aspects of themselves such as confidence, self esteem and instills principles of integrity and contribution.

And at the same time they are developing physical and mental strength, fitness and toughness? That helps them to

That meant they could avoid the all too common bullying that can be devastating for a child’s self esteem not only now but for their future.

This activity when taught with a proper instructor and school is martial arts.

Did you know it was so encompassing?

Martial arts not only works on a child’s physical development, but within a good program lifelong skills are instilled and taught such as self-discipline, integrity and leadership. This will see your child’s confidence soar, and anxiety levels drop as they gain that inner confidence we all want for our kids.

They will feel physically strong and capable of defending themselves so they feel confident around their peers and have less desire to succumb to peer pressure.

A good martial arts program will teach your child discipline, respect and gratitude. It should incorporate some meditation practices, as well as a good strong physical program that teaches children ways to diffuse confrontations as well as the skills to stay safe from Attackers.

So when considering what activity you want your child to sign up for – ask yourself what do you want for your child – is it just the physical development or the emotional fitness and resilience too?

I know for myself those skills are the hardest to know how to teach but the most vital in raising happy and confident kids.

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