Children’s Self Defense – Top 5 Benefits

Being a children’s self defense instructor, a father and former school teacher I am always looking for different ways I can help my students. Each student that walks through the door to my children’s self defense classes is seeking something different.  From kids who want to protect themselves from being bullied, to others who need to burn some energy. I am constantly seeking for new ways to help them and amazed at the changes in confidence levels good children’s self defense classes can make.

Boy participating in children's self defense classes

I also like to think that my classes help the kids become more independent and unafraid to give things a go which is what I am constantly striving for with my own kids.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons children benefit from children’s self defense classes.

  1. Gain Confidence – As students move up the ranks with the belt grading system they naturally feel a sense of accomplishment. As they notice a change within themselves it has a direct impact on how they see themselves which leads to an increase in their confidence.
  2. Improve Physical Fitness – Classes are really fun and students are always moving. Running, jumping, rolling and doing many activities that improve their physical fitness. As a result they have improved coordination and strength. With time students notice a transformation of their bodies.
  3. Social Skills – Meeting new friends from the club gives students the ability to socialise. They also gain different social skills with new activities and games that they would not perform in their normal environments like school.
  4. Improved Focus – During every class we meditate which helps students focus their attention. Even if it’s only for 30 seconds it is a good practise. I notice that with consistent effort students begin to understand how breathing and meditation helps them remain calm and focused. In addition, every lesson we have a different talk in the Warriors Corner on topics from persistence to gratitude.  The students are always learning more than just self-defence.
  5. Mental strength – Building resilience is a very important part of the program. One of the 7 traits of a warrior is determination. We often talk about this trait and look at its importance in life. We play different games and activities which help students develop this trait.

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