​Global Alms

One Class To Protect One Life

Krav Maga Northern Beaches is proud to support Global Alms, an Australian operated charity based in Burma and Thailand.

This important not-for profit is dedicated to the elimination of trafficking, sexual exploitation and physical abuse amongst those who live in underprivileged communities .
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Global Alms’ Model Relies On Three Tiers To Build Confidence, Self Belief And Freedom Of Choice:

  • Preparation
    By providing vocational courses for disadvantaged families, Global Alms is breaking the cycle of poverty that leads to sex trafficking.
  • Purpose
    Through leadership training and internships, Global Alms provides young people with the motivation and skills to achieve a secure future.
  • Protection
    Self defence classes empower men, women and children alike to defend themselves against anyone who tries to control them through fear, intimidation or violence.

Our Involvement

At Krav Maga Northern Beaches, we feel it is our responsibility to give back. By supporting Global Alms, we are providing those less fortunate than us with the same style of training that we bring to our valued students.

Our financial donations enable this charity to continue its good work with disadvantaged families in impoverished areas of Burma and Thailand.

For just a fraction of what it costs in Australia, men, women and children can receive training in reality-based self defense techniques that build their confidence and their ability to protect themselves and their families.

​You Can Help

​We invite all our students to contribute to this worthy cause and extend the power of Krav Maga to those who need it the most.

For just $29, you can provide ten self defence classes for someone looking to build their future and protect themselves and their family.

This helps to break the cycle of poverty, prostitution and child sex trafficking that has devastating consequences for underprivileged families.