Does your child struggle with a lack of self esteem or self control?

Children with low self belief struggle to trust themselves and their own abilities. They lack in confidence, are reluctant to try new things and have difficulty adapting to new situations. Often they are targeted by bullies at school and in the playground.

Helping your child to build their skills using the self-defense discipline of Krav Maga Kids is a fun and exciting way to bring out their inner warrior and let them truly shine.

Krav Maga Kids feel a strong sense of accomplishment. Through this practice of self defence and personal development they become more successful and better at managing challenging situations.

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Krav Maga Northern Beaches holds classes for children starting from three years of age. All instructors are qualified professionals.


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What is Krav Maga?

Originally developed for the Israeli Defence Forces as a practical and effective method of self defence, Krav Maga combines techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling and the practices of aikido and judo.

Children who learn Krav Maga become adept at self defence and improve their physical fitness. Most importantly, they are able to improve their self-esteem and start on a lifelong journey of positive personal development.



Krav Maga Northern Beaches - Our Philosophy

Krav Maga’s self defence classes for children places emphasis is on reducing threat, not causing harm. We teach kids that they can be strong as well as calm ... powerful as well as in control.

Throughout our curriculum, we discuss in depth the principles of ‘warriors’ and the importance of determination, gratitude, and humility. Children who attend our classes are also encouraged to begin and end each session with a short meditation.

The teachers at Krav Maga Northern Beaches have a strong emphasis on fun and friendship, promoting team spirit in every session.



About Us

All Krav Maga Northern Beaches instructors are experienced and dedicated experts.
Nominated for the 2012 Northern Territory Teacher of the Year Award, our head trainer Adam Gulla holds tertiary qualifications in Physical Education and Health.
Adam’s focus is on delivering a highly structured, professional kids program that will keep your child engaged while they advance through the stages of training.



Empower your child with Krav Maga

Don’t let your child be left on the sidelines or victimised by bullies.

Introduce them to the incredibly rewarding practice of Krav Maga and watch them thrive.


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