Bully-Proof Your Child With The Black Belt Attitude

The Black Belt Club is a compulsory extension class, where kids get to learn basic fighting skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Krav Maga is a great program, but the Black Belt program is where they really become bully-proof. This is highly recommended for students gearing up towards having that black belt attitude. It’s a great way for students to grow, to hone their skills and to progress faster.

Krav Maga Blackbelt Club Northern Beaches

What is Krav Maga?

A form of self defence and physical training first developed for the Israeli army during WWII, Krav Maga is based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.
Krav students develop fitness and strength while improving their self esteem and also learning about responsibility and morals.
Most importantly, Krav Maga training is dynamic and loads of fun.

Why Choose Krav Maga?

Other martial arts prepare kids for a competition environment, where they can test their abilities against an opponent with similar skills who are playing by the rules.
Krav Maga equips teens with the physical tactics to be able to overpower any kind of opponent without thinking, while also promoting the philosophy that physical violence should never be anything but a last resort.
Boys and girls who study Krav build fitness and strength while learning valuable skills to protect themselves and escape from a difficult situation without getting hurt.

Krav Maga Northern Beaches

Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, Krav Maga will provide you with the skills you need to take on an attacker.
Learn to protect yourself and your family while getting fit and enjoying the challenge of a highly dynamic training environment.

Become a local ‘Kravist’

KMNB welcomes newcomers – so long as you’re up for a challenge we can’t wait for you to join us.
We’re steadily building a crew of super-fit machines (who are happy to leave their egos at the door).
Come and check Krav Maga out for only $49 with 30-day validity.

Meet the trainer – About Adam Gulla

Training in martial arts from a young age, it wasn’t until Adam Gulla got into a real-life fight that he realised he couldn’t beat an opponent who wasn’t playing by the rules.
Turning to Krav Maga and travelling to Israel to fully complete his training, Adam left his profession as a fully qualified Physical Education teacher to instruct Krav Maga full time.
Returning home to the Northern Beaches after a stint in Darwin, Adam and wife Heidi are proud to call themselves locals.