Krav Maga Northern Beaches offers classes for all ages and abilities in a fun and welcoming environment.

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KIDS CLASSES - Fitness, self-defense, and discipline. The Krav Maga Warrior program builds confidence and teaches kids the importance of integrity, humility, and patience.

MEN - Combat skills, strength, and mental conditioning. Relieve stress, feel great and get focused while improving your agility, your confidence and your fitness at Krav Maga.

WOMEN - Self-protection, fitness, and friends. Our club offers a friendly, ego-free and highly social environment. We welcome female members of all skill levels.

BLACK BELT CLUB - The Black Belt Club is a compulsory extension class, where kids get to learn basic fighting skills in a safe and controlled environment. Krav Maga is a great program, but the Black Belt program is where they really become bully-proof.  This is highly recommended for students gearing up towards having that black belt attitude. It's a great way for students to grow, to hone their skills and to progress faster. 

FIGHTING AND TACTICS - Advanced fighting and self-defense techniques that focus on close quarter combat situations, situational analysis, and threat assessment.