Written Testimonials

My son 4.5 loves going to Krav Maga with adam and his team. My son listens has fun and is really engaged and excited. He looks forward to his lesson each week practices at home. It’s is not just the Krav Maga it’s the environment that adam and heidi have created promotes healthy mind body and soul, awesome. Thank you

Christy Andronicus

My son has been doing Krav Maga for a few months now. Today he got his green belt. The pride he has in this achievement is joyous. Adam, Dave and the team are helping to build his confidence, self esteem and empathy towards others. As a Mum, I highly recommend these classes.

Suni McGoldrick

Our son started Krav Maga last year, at 4.5yrs I did think he may have been a bit young for little warriers.. Turns out he absolutely loves it and was so very proud of himself when he received the first “tape” on his belt last week. The instuctors are great at interacting with the kids and they leave tired and hungry. Win/win!

Stephanie French

At first I didn’t think I would be up for Women’s Self Defence training as it was not my thing, However with a great team that made me feel comfortable I decided to join. Physically i am doing things I thought I would not be able to do and feel great! Mentally i feel more confident and safe know I can defend myself and socially I am making more friends.

Uzuri Olazabai

We are obviously sad that you are leaving but the best bit is that we had you as our instructor for three years in the best Krav school in Australia!! You have created the best martial arts school that I have had any thing to do with! and for that I am gratful. Nothing has been wasted – you have changed and improved the lives of all your students. As time passes in your absence all your students will realise how valuable you have been to everyone.

We wish you all the best with the next part of the journey and know your next club will be very lucky to have you.

All the best

Allison and Terry

We are so sorry to hear this news, but it seems to be part & parcel of life in Darwin. We will come on Saturday to say goodbye. We would like to say thanks for the contribution you have made to Tess & Gabe’s lives both through Krav. They both have always enjoyed any activity you have lead, and clearly see your qualities as a teacher & mentor.

Good luck with life in Sydney, and best wishes to the family.

Paul , Emma Tess Gabe & Luca