Feedback from past and current Krav Maga students and their families.












At first I didn’t think I would be up for Women’s Self Defence training as it was not my thing, However with a great team that made me feel comfortable I decided to join. Physically i am doing things I thought I would not be able to do and feel great! Mentally i feel more confident and safe know I can defend myself and socially I am making more friends.

Uzuri Olazabai 33, Admin Officer & Mother

We are obviously sad that you are leaving but the best bit is that we had you as our instructor for three years in the best Krav school in Australia!! You have created the best martial arts school that I have had any thing to do with! and for that I am gratful. Nothing has been wasted – you have changed and improved the lives of all your students. As time passes in your absence all your students will realise how valuable you have been to everyone.

We wish you all the best with the next part of the journey and know your next club will be very lucky to have you.

All the best

Allison and Terry

We are so sorry to hear this news, but it seems to be part & parcel of life in Darwin. We will come on Saturday to say goodbye. We would like to say thanks for the contribution you have made to Tess & Gabe’s lives both through Krav. They both have always enjoyed any activity you have lead, and clearly see your qualities as a teacher & mentor.

Good luck with life in Sydney, and best wishes to the family.

Paul , Emma Tess Gabe & Luca

That is absolutely devastating news that you are moving. I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving, I’m gutted. I can imagine how difficult a decision this must have been. You guys not only built a club, but a community of like minded people who are all the better for knowing you. Adam, you will be sorely missed I can assure you. You are a committed and generous teacher, and the positive influence you have made to our small community can not be overstated. You will leave a big hole when you are gone – I for one owe you much more than I have been able to articulate.You and your family of course have my best wishes for the future, and I look forward to the possibility of catching up at national camps and other Krav events in the future.

Derek Archer

We are shocked to hear about the closure – our kids truly enjoyed the classes and they will miss having Saturday Krav classes together with the Krav team including Adam.

Adam, our kids thank you for giving them the exposure to Krav and the other skills that they learnt along the way! Your enthusiasm in promoting Krav is commendable and a rarity in Darwin!

All the best in your future endeavours back home in Sydney!

Best wishes

Jayden and Jillian Wong and family

Before joining up I was unsure as I thought I might get hurt or be embarrassed doing the class. I decided to become a member myself after being followed while out running and then someone tried to break into our house and I knew I had to learn how to defend myself. After only training for a short period of time I feel I can defend myself or how to prevent an attack. I am more aware of my surroundings at all times. I would recommend everyone should do some Krav Maga just to raise their awareness of self-defence and effective things they can do to ward off potential attackers.

Danielle Geddes 41, mother of 3

At first I was hesitant about joining Krav Maga as I did not think I would be up for it. However after being welcomed from a great team that was extremely encouraging and made me feel comfortable. This ultimately lead me to taking the next step and since then I am physically I am doing things I did never think I would be able to do. Mentally I feel more confident within myself. Socially feel that I am a part of a club or great crowd of people.

I would recommend Krav Maga to anyone that is looking at exercising and learning new skills in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Uzuri Olazabal

The only thing that I was hesitant about joining Krav Maga was if my kids were the right age it for it as they were only 5 years old. After the trial class the kids had a great time and I could see the potential benefits they could gain just after one class .The classes and timetable were very convenient for us as I work full time. It’s also close to where we live and it caters for the age of my kids. My kids are more confident and look forward to going to classes. I have recommended to many of my family members and a friend and they have joined as well most importantly I like the respect and discipline taught in the classes.

Tennele Shields

We were not unsure about becoming a member at Krav Maga as it had a great reputation. I researched a number of martial arts and Krav Maga was the one we were most happy about as it had a great team and class structure. The teaching principles of a warrior were appealing, the Self-defence, Discipline, Respect, and Building and individuals self-esteem ultimately made us join the club. I would definitely recommend Krav most definitely. We feel it has met all expectations and has a welcoming and beautiful family environment. Zavier loves going to training and is enjoying it.

Susan Fong mother of Zavier 7

We thought Krav Maga would be a great way to get fit and also have something in common. My son has built up a lot of confidence since starting the classes and we have both improved our fitness levels. It has been a great way to build upon our relationship as father and son and have a common interest. Any family with young kids or any families give it a go!

Sanjaya Karunathilake father of Noah 11

I have never been unsure of Ashanti doing Krav Maga. Since Ashanti has been doing Krav Maga her confidence is noticeable and she is less shy. As a younger woman I had tried many different martial arts and wanted one that Ashanti would love. She tried various styles until we found Krav and we knew straight away that it was the one! Not only has Ashanti benefited in learning how to defend herself but she has met friends and is starting to open up as an independent girl!

I would recommend Krav Maga to anyone and everyone!! Everyone has a right to be able to defend themselves!!

Thank you for all your commitment in making Ashanti the best she can be!

Salinah Abdul Hamid mother of Ashanti 11

Tristan had tried Karate before and didn’t want to go back. Although it was targeted for children between 5 and 8 years, he couldn’t concentrate on the theory side of things and wasn’t interested. Tristan came for a trial class at Krav Maga and loved it! He now does 3 sessions a week and is always willing. Tristan is a very energetic 6 year old. Krav Maga gives him a chance to burn up some energy in a safe, learning environment. He loves the social interaction with other children and thinks his instructors are fantastic. Tristan was so proud when he got his yellow belt that he rang his Grandparents every day for a week to tell them (in case they had forgotten).I recommend Krav Maga to all my friends as the instructors are very well trained and experienced in positive behaviour management.

Ruth Furbey mother of Tristan 5

Being really honest, I was unsure about Krav Maga at first due to the connection to Israel and the military crossed my mind, and it was a concern. Steiger wanted to do Krav Maga. Ultimately I supported Steiger to do it. I also saw it as a great opportunity to put Steiger in an environment where he could learn to discipline himself and burn off some energy – all good things for improving his ability to concentrate at school and for us as his parents trying to get him to focus.

I have been really impressed by the additional activities you put on which creates a ‘community’ for the kids. The sausage sizzles, camps and Christmas party are above and beyond what I expected. I like that there is no pressure to participate in these things but they are available which is great. I would recommend it to anyone as a way of getting their kids to meet people outside their peer group at school. I would also recommend it to anyone who has a child like Steiger who has energy to burn and needs some guidance in the way that it is directed.

Renata Blanch mother of Steiger 8

We were never unsure about joining Krav Maga, we were looking for a self defense program for Josh, and were lucky to find out about Krav Maga. I liked what I saw as the classes were well structured and professional, and wanted Josh to learn to become more resilient, develop his confidence & increase discipline.

Josh enjoys it; he’s learning self defense moves which is always going to help, & its great exercise. I would recommend everyone to Krav Maga, who have not done it. You and all your fellow instructors are great role models for the kids, and I appreciate the discipline you all install.

Carla Hurst mother of Joshua 6

I was concerned about the ‘fighting’ path of Krav, but we were keen to see the benefits of learning about self-defence and personal protection of others. Our aim was to give Felix an opportunity to develop more confidence in himself and his interactions with boys.

We wanted to give Felix the opportunity to be involved in a club with strong male role models that value health, fitness and integrity .The benefits we have seen include increased confidence, more friends, a sense of belonging and mate ship. We have also noticed an increase in Felix’s strength and agility.

We would recommend it to anyone who likes to be part of a team, feel stronger and more confident with any forms of conflict and also want to learn how to protect themselves and others. It really is a great environment to build kids self-control, confidence. Most importantly it is good to learn about ‘not’ fighting and how to avoid fighting…which was a pleasant surprise!

I trusted you Adam, as you are a school teacher with a family and that you run a successful, organised and reputable service. And because Mischa my husband said that it would be great, and he is usually right!

Felix’s confidence and self-discipline has significantly improved. Felix was very interested – this was when he was in grade 1. And, I was curious because it was always booked out.

Congratulations to you and Heidi for establishing a thriving business and great service.

Natasha Bertschi mother of Felix 7

We were unsure about joining Krav Maga as we had not tried a martial art before and Joseph is a very active boy he needed to improve his attention span and behaviour in class. I was recommended by a friend and after watching how well the class was handled we signed up straight away.

My son really enjoys his Krav Maga session, he has more respect for using his hands on others too. Greater self awareness around peers. My daughter attended the mini class too and loved it.

It’s a lovely family friendly club, I have recommended it around school and to others I have met.

Natalie Connelly mother of Joseph 6

We had no uncertainties about the boys doing Krav Maga. I believe it is important for children to be able to defend themselves if necessary and was impressed with Adam’s leadership. Our greatest challenge in relation to Krav Maga is coordinating the classes within work hours. Both my husband and I work full-time and the boys play a team sport on Saturdays.

The boys wanted to undertake the classes, and I think being able to defend yourself is quite necessary these days. Beyond that, I think self-discipline and reflection are very important attributes and the boys experience this at Krav. The boys love it, they are learning a lot about committment. They are proud of their achievements and we are very proud of them choosing to remain involved. They both see Krav Maga as a long term commitment rather than a sporting fad. I recommend Krav Maga to a lot of individuals and many parents I know already have their children at Krav. As a specific comment, I like the fact that the classes start and finish on time and, notwithstanding the number of children involved, the commitment to each child is consistent and equal. I think the staff at Krav are easy to communicate with and are fair and disciplined with the children. There is also an effort to build a community feel with the movie and BBQ events providing more of a “club” feel than a “class” feel.

You have gone a long way in a short time and should be very proud of your contribution to our children’s well-being.

Julie Crisp

At first I didn’t know if my children would enjoy it, or if it would be too intense. I decided to take a chance and it was great that you offered the free trial. After the trial they were hooked and had a blast! They have grown more self-confident, a stronger focus on being mindful. They are taking responsibility for their actions, improved fitness and making better choices. I would highly recommend it as kids love it, and have both learned a lot about self-defence. It’s awesome to see them have fun and get fit at the same time. They have the utmost respect for Mr Gulla as a leader. They come away from their session feeling great and full of positive vibes.

Jay Benger

I wanted my daughter to join the club as I had trained in martial arts myself; we just needed Claire to try it to make sure she enjoyed it before we signed her up. She loved it! Claire was always going to do martial arts. It just depended which one was going to be a good fit for her and our family, and we found Krav Maga to be that match. Claire is becoming more aware of stranger danger as she gets older and the movement of her own body as the classes progress. She also enjoys relaying what she has practiced in her classes to me. It was recommended to us by a friend and I would recommend it to anyone also. Our younger children will be joining too … when they are old enough.

Sam Buikstra father of Claire Buikstra

My son Ty was a little unsure if he wanted to start as he may not know anyone at the club. He also had bad experiences with an intimidating Sensai from a different martial arts school .Ty found he enjoyed the lesson and the teachers were friendly and fun. Learning to defend himself against school yard bullies was another benefit to a great program, we are truly grateful we joined.

Casey Scott

My daughter has just started training a few months ago. She is already competent with blocking and throwing punches, and kicks are slowly becoming second nature to her. Krav Maga has taught her how to prevent problems from escalating. I have confidence that if she was in danger right now, she has built the resilience she needs. I would recommend Krav Maga to anyone who wants to learn self defence essentially females. It’s such a versatile defend and attack system.

Bibiana Wong

We have had a great time training with the team, our children have instilled the values you have worked very hard towards and the kids to learn and respect all in life. I personally have seen the change in my kids behaviour and attitude by learning from you and am very obliged for your hard work towards all the kids not just mine.

Abhay Misra Father of Ajay 10 and Rasika 7

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