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Kids Free Class

Our regular Kids Krav Maga self-defence program is designed to build self-esteem, awareness, respect, and discipline in a safe and supportive environment. Kids will learn safe, effective, and appropriate methods to prevent and deal with bullying, stranger danger, and even environmental dangers like crossing the street through fun, games-driven classes. We're here to equip your children with the tools they need to walk in peace, and to grow to be a better person.

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Combat skills, strength, mental conditioning, self-protection, fitness and friends. Relieve stress, feel great and get focused while improving your agility, your confidence and your fitness at Krav Maga. Our club offers a friendly, ego-free and highly social environment. Our instructors are highly experienced, world-class Krav Maga instructors, who spend several weeks every year in Israel improving their training under the world’s very best Kravist.

Sydney's Most Trusted Self-Defence Training


You’ll love our friendly and welcoming environment on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. We appreciate new members and can’t wait to see them hone their skills and get real results. Part of the Sydney Northern Beaches community, we are proud to have received many awards and been featured repeatedly in the media. Try a class and find out for yourself why students of all ages love Krav Maga!

Powerful and effective, Krav Maga is self defence for real life situations.



Fitness, self defence and discipline. The Krav Maga Warrior program builds confidence and teaches kids the importance of integrity, humility and patience.


Combat skills, strength and mental conditioning. Relieve stress, feel great and get focused while improving your agility, your confidence and your fitness at Krav Maga.


Self protection, fitness and friends. Our club offers a friendly, ego-free and highly social environment. We welcome female members of all skill levels.

How to know the best martial arts for your child


Get to know each martial art and find out how to choose the best practice for your young warrior.

Client Testimonials


My son 4.5 loves going to Krav Maga with adam and his team. My son listens has fun and is really engaged and excited. He looks forward to his lesson each week practices at home. It's is not just the Krav Maga it's the environment that adam and heidi have created promotes healthy mind body and soul, awesome. Thank you

Christy Andronicus

My son has been doing Krav Maga for a few months now. Today he got his green belt. The pride he has in this achievement is joyous. Adam, Dave and the team are helping to build his confidence, self esteem and empathy towards others. As a Mum, I highly recommend these classes.

Suni McGoldrick

Our son started Krav Maga last year, at 4.5yrs I did think he may have been a bit young for little warriers.. Turns out he absolutely loves it and was so very proud of himself when he received the first “tape” on his belt last week. The instuctors are great at interacting with the kids and they leave tired and hungry. Win/win!

Stephanie French

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