Krav Maga Grading

Find Out Why This Discipline Is One of the Fastest Growing Methods of Self Defence Training in the World


A grading in Krav Maga is a test to see if a student is ready to move to the next rank and be promoted. In the grading students are tested on a particular material for that rank. The grading is designed to test students’ knowledge and also push them mentally and physically. With Krav Maga Grading we have four pillars we focus our attention on as an assessor.

  • Technical Aspect (How well an individual performs the technique)
  • Tactical Aspect (Applying tactics to their Self-Defense)
  • Aggression (Consistently being assertive and demonstrating aggression with all moves)
  • Fitness (Having the stamina to last the duration of the grading at a high intensity)
Krav Maga Self Defence Grading


The first 5 grades in Krav Maga are Practitioner levels 1-5, fundamental building block and all basics covered
Graduate Level 1-5 intermediate moving to higher levels, building on the fundamentals
Expert Level 1-5 Advanced (black Belt) 1 year per rank, different requirements with each grade. It’s the black belt of Krav Maga.


Krav Maga Juniors grading is a rewarding experience for students and as a result, they gain confidence from it. Students must have good attendance, behavior and have completed all homework in order to grade. They get to revise the material they have been learning in the recent months, which is a great way for children to reinforce their learning. Also, a great way to build a child’s self-esteem through achievement. We have different awards that are presented at the gradings. Students need to wear full uniform or they will not be able to grade.

Belt Ranks

Tiny Warriors (3 – 4 year-olds) and Mini Warriors (4 – 6 year-olds)

Belt Ranks

Little Warriors (7 – 9 year-olds) and Warriors (10 – 12 year-olds)

Belt Ranks

Teen Warriors (13 – 16 year-olds)