Self Defence Training That Equips You For A More Confident Future

Krav MAGA Helps You To Become the Person You Want To Be – It’s More About Education and Transformation Than Just Martial Arts

At Krav Maga Northern Beaches, Sydney, we are very passionate about what we do. Students who learn Krav Maga become adept at self defence and improve their physical fitness. Most importantly, they are able to improve their self-esteem and start on a lifelong journey of positive personal development.

Krav Maga Sydney Northern Beaches


At Krav Maga Northern Beaches, we are passionate about providing a safe space for our children and young people to discover and implement their own authentic rite of passage to mature, confident and relational adulthood.
We teach our students to accurately assess their circumstances and the situations that face them, and equip them with the physical and mental tools they need to develop strategies that maximise their strengths and develop their full potential.

For us, it’s not just about martial arts, it’s about creating opportunities for people to recognise and grow into the person they want to be and were meant to be.
Here, you will make lifelong friendships within an environment that will always provide encouragement and support. In an isolated world, we create a team environment for each young person and teach them that they need to rely on one another as well as themselves.

At Krav Maga Northern Beaches, you’ll find your place in the tribe!