Qualified Physical Education teacher

Adam Gulla

Head Instructor

Early Martial Arts Training and Competition

After commencing martial arts training in Hapkido as a young teenager, Adam qualified as an instructor at age 18. He took part in a number of Australian Hapkido Association tournaments, sparring against older opponents and winning several medals.
Despite holding a black belt in Hapkido, Adam soon realised there was a difference between the theory and application of self defence techniques. He changed the way he viewed martial arts and ignited a journey of discovery, competing in many full contact tournaments while developing his skills and knowledge.
After taking on Australian Champion Rob Hill in an MMA bout early in his career, Adam’s training took him to Japan, where he fought in the Submission Arts Wrestling competition and in MMA bouts.
As part of his constant pursuit of perfection, Adam also started to train in other styles, learning and competing in kickboxing, Jute Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Teaching Career

Adam completed his degree in Physical Education after deciding at a young age to share his love of fitness by becoming a teacher. His desire to help foster change within individuals is at the core of every class he teaches.
Developed from his many years of training, Adam has a keen philosophy of mindfulness. This continued focus and pursuit of mastery is the driving force of anyone that trains a discipline and wants to embark on the journey of self discovery. One of Adam’s passions is seeing this change in students at his Little Warriors classes. “Having the ability to help foster a child’s direction in life in a positive manner is a huge blessing”, says Adam.

Krav Maga

For Adam, seeing people transform through martial arts and self defence training has always been one of the highlights of practising the sport.
In 2008, having trained and experimented with a range of other styles including Cuban boxing and Counter Punch, Adam took up Krav Maga. Finding it to be the missing piece of the puzzle, Adam pursued his training very seriously, studying under Eyal Yanilov and being accredited at Expert level in 2016.
Bringing his skills, his passion and his qualifications together, Adam opened Krav Maga Northern Beaches in 2016. For him, the reward is seeing students from children through to adults learning and enjoying Krav Maga in a welcoming and ego-free environment.
Adam’s goal extends beyond equipping his students with the practical skills that are needed in a self defence situation. The aim of Krav Maga Northern Beaches is to create a community of confident, happy children and like-minded adults who are able to enjoy both the social and the physical aspect of their training.