In my last 20 years of training I have come across many different arts and various methods of dealing with weapons. I have seen mistakes people make and witnessed many in real life when dealing with an attacker that is armed. I have compiled some of the biggest mistakes martial artists make in training for weapons. I have studied many arts from traditional to modern and feel confident with my Krav Maga training in preparation for any attack.

  • Underestimate the danger – When you train against a weapon you need to respect the damage the weapon may do to your body, essentially it may be fatal and most people don’t have much experience in dealing with weapons. 
  • Become complacent with their training – There is a difference between training with a rubber knife and a real knife. Most people get too relaxed with their training and become complacent. Instructors often lack the knowledge to create drills that replicate a real attack.
  • Are not mentally prepared – As a part of the complacency developed martial artist lose grip of reality with their mental state of mind. We become lazy when training which affects our mental state hence in reality a higher chance of freezing in the event of an attack.
  • Don’t train and replicate proper attacks – Attackers in training have never used the weapons and often have poor attacks giving the defender a false sense of reality. One of the most common weapon attacks in Australia is a knife attack.  In some martial arts they do one attack and hold that position allowing the defender to do a defence. In reality attackers recoil and attack 4-5 times in a matter of seconds.
  • Always control the weapon in training – It is not always possible to control the weapon if the attack is fast as with a knife stabbing.  If you always practice against a controlled weapon this does not simulate a real life situation.  You need to know an instinctual and basic defence. Often weapon attacks need to be done at a close range. And sometimes they are so close it is very hard to control the weapon.
  • Misjudge their distance – Often we mistake how close the attacker is and the time we have. This results in being attacked before we get our first defence in.  Creating more distance gives more time to avoid attacks and to use our longest weapon – our kicks. The opposite occurs against a blunt edged weapon like a stick. In this case you need to bridge the distance to avoid the length and power of the stick.
  • Don’t understand the attackers true response – Often we need to train for what the attacker will do if plan A is not pulled off. The attacker will always fight for control over the weapon or attack again. You must train for a return attacker.
  • Lack education on the weapon – Most Martial Artists lack basic knowledge on weapons and how they can be used. It is advised to have a basic understanding of how a weapon functions.
  • Don’t practice complying with the attacking in training – This is one of the most important steps and it is rarely practiced. Often Martial Artists start with the attack but what about the pre attack stage such as leaving, talking or complying. This is the best defence – really no defence! It needs to be practiced so your body and brain develops neural pathways to recognize the situation and under stress it will be your first response and the safest!
  • Don’t train often enough – It’s simple – how often do you train? You always need to set high standards and train hard. Then the defence becomes natural.

In our Krav Maga classes, we equip participants with the skills they need to defend themselves in any situation including attacks with weapons.  We simulate real life scenarios so students are equipped not only with the right skills, but are also mentally and physically prepared for anything.

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