So you’ve reached the stage in your gym membership where you never want to see another treadmill or rowing machine again. You’re bored, we hear you. Thankfully there’s plenty of ways to stay fit that don’t involve a gruelling routine or sweat-covered machine. Here’s our list of some of the most exciting fitness classes on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Give aerial yoga a whirl.

Aerial Yoga

There are plenty of upsides for taking an aerial yoga class from improved balance and flexibility to increased strength and stress release. Plus it’s loads of fun. Wouldn’t you rather be doing an upside-downwards dog?

Anti-Gravity Yoga at Life of Flight, 22 Roseberry Street, Balgowlah


So you’ve watched The Matrix and thought the jiu-jitsu training scene looked pretty cool. You’re not wrong. Known as the most gentle of all the martial arts, jiu-jitsu employs the principles of balance and leverage to help those smaller and weaker take on stronger opponents.

Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Northern Beaches, 2/84 Darley Street, Mona Vale


Why should kids have all the fun? Flip Out is currently holding adult trampolining classes which incorporate movements from parkour and gymnastics to help you burn those calories. Jump to it.

Adult Agility at Flip Out Brookvale, 2/10 Short Street Brookvale

Trampolining is not just for kids. Picture: Braden Fastier.


Can’t make your mind up whether you feel like going to a boxing, dance or pilates class? Try all three mashed together. Piloxing is a low impact, high intensity workout that blends powerful air punching with deep stretches and booty shaking.

Piloxing at Transform Yoga pilates Barre, 52 Balgowlah Road, Balgowlah

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a hands-on self-defence system developed by the Israeli military (and trust me those guys really know their stuff). It teaches practical, sometimes brutal defence techniques, so you can open a can of whoop ass if you’re ever caught in a dangerous or deadly confrontation.

Krav Maga at Krav Maga Northern Beaches, 1/12 Rickard Road, Narrabeen
Hula-hooping is doing the rounds.


Forget barbells and resistance bands, the humble hula hoop is the latest piece of work-out equipment. With a little bit of practise you can tone up your abs, strengthen your core and roll away the old spare tyre.

Hula Hooping for Beginners held by the Northern Beaches Community College at Manly Village Public School



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